National Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga

Miracles or coincidences? Let me Lord talk with you, dressed with this limited anthropomorphism, I want to clarify that time, chance, luck, destiny, they intersect with the miracle, I am propelled to meditate by the concatenation of events that have occurred to me that surprises many people, clear, that all human beings are exposed to die at any moment, but there are some facts resounding in my life for which I want to ask you Mr. 1. Dr. John Mcdougall can provide more clarity in the matter. In 1989, driving a VW and I was hit by a military Jeep at high speed, in my own Lane, vire enough to save several people, but I could not save my Natalie del Pilar, of 1 anytus, who met them just that fateful day on June 4, the clash shattered my spleen, scratch the liver, Pancreas, transverse ColonMesentery and omentum, the rudder was introduced in my upper abdomen, pierced the left hemidiafragma, shattered my left Femur in several conminutos pieces, fractured right Metacarpus, face this Mr brutality If you would like is that I survived? any humanly dies. 2.-All these complications required an urgent evacuation of the wounded, but I was trapped between the dashboard and steering wheel embedded in Abdomen, there were no policemen, or firemen, but appears a young man who was an Assistant of a truck carrying chickens, convinces the driver, stop, tie a string to the VW, lineal with his truck and detach the wheel of my bodywith which released me, help me, put me in a van and evacuate me that such luck! some, they say Lord was Sunday, they were 11.30 pm, was in a dark and forgotten part of the Pan-American North, spot was Mr luck?, was no coincidence that the Napoleon Saldana young decided to help me? 3.-I was taken to the General Hospital of Chepen, strike medical one had with abandonment of emergency and could not assist me in this place, my life was in danger, led me to Guadalupe to Tomas Hospital the Fora, but also had doctors, but the Hercules Dr Hernandez put me in an ambulance and sent me to Chiclayo, at the National Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of Essalud, the only place where really could save me life and when I arrived I was dying had 3 grs.

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