Multilanguage Social Platform

Maybe so remote, some of you will sound Sevenload, a social platform that allows users to share photos and videos with our friends, our ability to create user groups, channels, albums and playlists. The fact is that until recently had been in their native language, German, but we can already find in many other languages, including Spanish, as we reported Alberto Ruiz.

Suffice it to create our user to access its functions, including the house of our images and videos. Once that we have risen, and while they are processed, can indicate their basic data, language, and the possibility of allowing the ratings and comments to all users, our friends or anyone. In addition, it is interesting that we can define if we license our files under any license, for which we will make a series of questions.

As I said before, we can create our albums and playlists of pictures and videos, where in both cases we can define who can access them, being in the case of albums which adds the possibility of access to specific groups. Anyway we can enter into them, images and videos that we find throughout the platform, including ours.

It also allows us to create our own program, which will be included within the channels available, so others can be our fans and our programs to include in their programming channels.

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