Mental Health

After this day, did not see more Taylor. Certain days, weeks and two months if had passed and it more did not return. It thought about moving of cafeteria, felt all sad the times that sat down there for its habitual snack and found the table of it sing empty right. She was as if the emptiness of the table it invaded its interior and it also inhabited its heart. Since that Taylor disappears, the solitude seemed to make housing between its feelings. Not wise person the reason, only felt.

In that afternoon of beginning of autumn she decides to say farewell itself to the cafeteria, would be the last time that would lancharia there. When one sat down in its usual table to fulfill with its ritual, a young woman stopped the front of its table. It looked at she recognized and it, was the same young woman whom she turns with Taylor in the last day she turns where it. The young woman asked for license to it to seat, said to it that she would not take its time very but that she was there for delivering a letter to it of its deceased brother. He had been one of its last desires. It arregalou the eyes and was scared, but she caught the letter with the trembling hands, opened the envelope and she started to read those irregular letters: .

\’ \’ Oi. You know my name and I never knew its. Well, you must be finding me an insane person for being writing to it, but after as many months observing it of far, I wanted to say to it that to enter in the cafeteria every day and to wait to arrive to it he was it kept that me firm in the sessions of hemodilise, was what gave hopes to me to find a giver compatible and to come back to have a normal life. today here it is that to my it said me sister in the cafeteria that had found a giver. I am going for the surgery room daqui has some minutes and if everything to give certain, in our next meeting goes to pay to a chocolate pie you to it to vary the palate and if to leave you me, will go to prove of its cheese cake to understand because you like it in such a way. Until our next meeting, to the afternoon, in our cafeteria. Taylor\’ \’. The sister of Taylor, said to it that the brother has a cardiac arrest in the operation table and that the doctors had not obtained to reanimate it. After drying some tears, the sister of Taylor said farewell itself and left the cafeteria. It was there, holding the letter, skeptic, sad. She called the waiter and she requested the exchange of its order. Minutes later it had placed a plate with a slice of cheese cake and a slice of together pie of chocolate. It looked at for the empty table in it sings right one more time it started to eat its snack, garfada of each pie, alternatingly, with tears I descend the face to it. Then, it caught a piece of paper of its bloquinho of notations and wrote: \’ \’ Oi Taylor. My name is Anna.

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