Madrid Barcelona

Today, football is full of old rivalries which have been originating from the beginning of the same sport. Find the origins of these clashes appear to be a task too hard, even for some historian specialist in the subject. Perhaps something even more complicated to find the roots of this issue, is trying to understand it from the reason. Therefore, that we will then try to outline some approaches about the passion generated by football and the birth of the considered classics as a consequence of such passion. To develop our ideas, first list what the five most important classics in the world of football:-Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. Without a doubt, the most followed and seen by all and in all parts of the world. The rivalry comes from since tens of years, promoted because the respective teams are sourced from the two most important cities of Spain, enemistadas each other.

From the moment in which the Spanish tournament has gone to renamed the League of the stars (since the most important players in the world were and found precisely in this League), the classic has been gaining even more popularity and more followers. Another fact of color, the cost of tickets Madrid Barcelona. They are the most expensive for any League football match in the world. -Boca Jrs. vs.

River Plate. The so-called superclasico is, according to popular opinion, most special party and that with greater euphoria lives throughout the world. The rivalry between the two most important clubs in Argentina has its origins in the neighborhood where both institutions have been founded: La Boca. Get tickets for football for this encounter is a rather complicated task, since they tend to be sold months in advance. -Inter vs. Milan. The rivalry is born in the womb of the old Milan Cricket and Football Club (current AC Milan), when a group of members decided to secede and form a new team (Inter), since the first leadership did not allow the inclusion of foreign players on its roster. -Penarol vs. National. A classic that, although for some it may be unknown, is one of the oldest and most exciting of the universe, with the particularity of dividing to Uruguay in two (between the two clubs hoard more than 90% of Uruguayan fans). -Celtic vs. Rangers. Like so many other classics, the confrontation occurs because differences linked to social or cultural kinds of fans. In this case, the rivalry originates as a result of the various religions of the two hobbies.

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