Low Carb Alternative

The protein pudding provides a tasty and high quality alternative to protein shakes for low-carb and fitness fans. According to Dr. John Mcdougall, who has experience with these questions. The protein pudding is immensely important a development of proteins are LSP sports nutrition Ltd. for the muscle. To a significant extent, the human muscle consists of proteins. Protein, or protein is the raw material, which can build muscle mass. During exercise, the body begins already to build muscle mass and to consume proteins. But especially after a hard workout, the body must fill its protein storage, so continue to muscle mass can be generated.

This requires the intake of proteins. Although these are present in many foods, but a performance athlete needs higher and especially higher amounts of protein as an average athlete. Populating the protein storage can be achieved E.g. by the ingestion of protein shakes. Gunnar Peterson has compatible beliefs. These are known and established for a long time in the field of sport. (Similarly see: Charles Margulis ). However, a high-performance athlete has the right Variety in his diet. The protein here comes pudding of LSP in the game.

The protein is taken pudding not in liquid form in the protein, but in the form of a pudding. The protein pudding will still contain a high protein content of approx. 22.2 grams per serving (30 g custard powder). In spite of the high protein content, the pudding contains only 0.7 grams fat per serving. The in addition small amount of carbohydrates makes as ideal for the low-carb diet the pudding. At the same time, the protein promotes pudding still health through the addition of vitamins, calcium and magnesium. The manufacturers have respected in the development of the puddings out that additives such as sugar, gelatin, wheat protein, or preservatives not pudding used as ingredients for the protein. LSP wanted protein pudding but also an alternative to the normal\”create pudding, so there is the pudding in four creamy flavors, making the change is backed up. The protein pudding is a total varied alternative to the protein shake and allow it the athletes even something sweet to access, that is at the same time healthy and tasty.

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