Lose Weight

Much discussed during the last few years about the secret and how this display technique can be applied to every part of our lives. Below I detail only 5 vital points inside of what is the law of attraction and we will apply it to weight loss. The result is a guide to introduce us to the positive mental frequency to enable our body to lose weight in a natural and unconscious way. Choose your thoughts carefully. You are the masterpiece of your life our destination is primarily in our hands. I think therefore I am said the philosopher and had reason as our thoughts and actions determine our future and our walk through life. Being loaded with thoughts and positive visualizations of the future, your present will be shaping to reach that goal. If you start to visualize you with less weight, your body will begin to come into action to start the weight loss process.

Your mind controls your body. Your mind controls your weight. You are your mind. All We work with an infinite power humans usa on average 10% of their brain capacity. The power of the mind is something that can be described as infinite.

No one knows really how far can go the power of thoughts. We could auto – cure us of terminal illnesses, we could even challenge the laws of space and time. It is a factor unknown the real power of the mind, hence we all have an infinite power within ourselves. Your body can lose weight and burn fat with just thinking about it. We are like magnets like attracts like. You become what you think the energy in the universe is a force that flows. We ourselves are energy and therefore must flow in harmony with the universe. You remember that Paulo Coelho wrote when you want something, all the universe conspires so that you make your wish. Human beings are magnets that we attract what we are thinking (consciously and unconsciously). Should we send messages of energy positive to the universe to harvest positive actions. We must always be thinking about how our body can issue energy to receive more positive energies. People think of what you do not want to and attracts more than the same vicious circle of negative thinking attracts only negative actions. In order to stop this vicious circle must eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. If I lose weight this week should be replaced to the never lose weight. To think more of the same, we always get more of the same. If we do not change what we do, how can we expect have different results? This is not only a wish the law of attraction is not want positive things. It is not the fact that sporadically think in something that life can rejoice. The law of attraction is the fact train and reprogram your mind so that your\’re continuously publishing universe thoughts of how you want to be your future. You\’re the owner of your destination. You can improve, you can only lose weight you can visualize you in the future. It begins today. Good luck! = = = Edgar Arguello is a Dominican Republic-Herbalife independent distributor since 2007. The Dominican Republic Herbalife blog owner, is dedicated to helping people to control their weight and control your life.

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