Koi Mirror

Koi mirror – Cyprinus carpio Showa / Sanke – this is one of the many color varieties of species of koi, bright golden color. Mirror Carp Koi was bred in Germany in the mid 20 th century. Plain mirror carp was crossed with Japanese carp koi, resulting in a colored mirror karpy.Vneshne koi mirror is not much different from its closest relative – the wild carp. Has two small antennae, strong, slightly elongated body, which front slightly thickened. Scales of mirror carp koi is virtually absent. Body color and sparse scales clearly gives a golden shine.

Koi carp is a symbol of glory to be male power and prosperity in the ancient Japanese mythology. That's why you can often see images of koi as various patterns and decorations, furniture, mosaics and interior. Breeding koi originates from the Far Eastern country of contrasts in Japan, where it interesting thing lovers do fish for more than three hundred years. Koi prevode in Japanese language and means 'carp'. In recent years, in Europe and the United States as it became fashionable to breed slr koi in small ponds in their in the courtyard.

These beautiful fish feast for the eyes of any hozyaina.Zerkalny koi became a decorative ornament of our show aquarium with carp family. Cyprinus carpio Showa never leaves visitors Alushta Aquarium indifferent towards themselves. It literally attracts attention and makes admire itself for a long vremeni.Rybki koi good-natured, unpretentious to the stern, nepuglivy, quickly become accustomed to humans and other koi can even potrogat.Nerest: Mirror koi reach maturity at the age of three to four years. Spawning occurs at a temperature of 17-20 C. Carp buttonhole portions sticky eggs on submerged vegetation. Within two weeks, the larvae emerge from eggs. Female koi mirror throws from a total of 100 thousand to 1.5 million ikrinok.Vyshedshie of eggs larvae initially still hang on blischayshih plants, and then start feeding ciliates, rotifers, etc. To achieve a length of two centimeters of carp fry bring to your diet of mollusks, insects, larvae and small crustaceans. Just not enough plays an important role pischa.Areal plant habitat: Mirror koi displayed in captivity in Alushta aquarium: Grow koi mirror neobhodmo in a shallow, warm, non-flowing or slaboprotochom aquarium or an artificial pond. You need a soft aquatic vegetation. The water temperature in the aquarium, you can choose between ten and twenty-five degrees Celsius. Stiffness is desired to 15, and kislotnoschelochnoy balance within the pH 7-7,5. Contents koi does not give special hlapot. As the feed you can use any type of dry and frozen fodder, feed for pond fish, and even chopped fresh potatoes and vegetables.

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