Jojoba Cosmetics

Series JOJOBA (with a high content of jojoba oil) Jojoba oil – a liquid wax with a high content of vitamin E (natural antioxidant). This oil slows the aging of skin and contains essential fatty acids. This unique structure is recommended for recovery of dry, very dry and rough skin. Jojoba effectively normalizes the level of skin hydration and visually improves its structure. Jojoba oil has long been considered to be a magic bullet for body skin care. Indians called jojoba "liquid gold", and just call it magic oil manufacturers of cosmetics: for jojoba oil is a basic component cosmetic industry. Jojoba – a wild desert plants.

The Indians started using jojoba oil 2000 years ago: they crushed seeds of the plant and body smeared with oil formed. Europeans started to explore desert areas of Arizona, where the Indians lived, extremely surprised that the Indians had no wrinkles, their hair was thick and blesyaschimi, despite the severe dry climate and an abundance of dust. But soon the mystery cleared up: it turned out, the Indians daily used jojoba oil, calling it "liquid gold". The oil made from seeds, jojoba oil, its chemical composition similar to skin fat. Studies have confirmed that jojoba oil is superior to its properties of all other types of oils, in particular, in that it consists mostly of fatty acids with long molecular chain, similar in composition to the subcutaneous fat man. This similarity facilitates the assimilation of the ideal jojoba oil and helps maintain skin elasticity.

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