International Stress Mangement Association

A survey carried through for the International Association of the Control of the Estresse, International Stress Mangement Association (ISMA), showed behind that Brazil is as country with bigger index of estresse of the world, being only of Japan. Exactly having this high index of estresse, has few research related to this subject here in Brazil what it makes it difficult one better understanding for the search of interventions and solutions to minimize its effect (STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). This study it had as objective To identify the main generating sources of it estresse in the work of the nurse resulting in the development of the syndrome of burnout, beyond describing the main symptoms of the syndrome and telling its consequncias in the work environment, by means of literary revision. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. 2 METHODOLOGY One is about a study of bibliographical revision, descriptive. It was established as inclusion criteria articles that, in its headings, mentioned the word ' ' estresse' ' , ' ' enfermagem' ' , ' ' exhaustion profissional' ' or ' ' burnout' '.

Still the articles published in the Portuguese and Spanish language, complete texts in the period of 1999-2010. The exclusion criteria had been articles published before 1999, with incomplete texts, and that it did not have approach of this research the same. It was used digital database, having as search tool: ' ' Medline' ' ' ' Lilacs' ' , by means of ' ' Virtual library in Sade' ' , and the electronic library ' ' Scielo' ' where 36 articles related to the subject had been found, but 12 had been part of this work for the inclusion criterion. For posterior analysis and synthesis a picture was carried through contends the following item: citations; authors; subject; methodology; results and conclusion. The presentation of the results and quarrel of the gotten data was made of descriptive form, making possible to the reader the evaluation of the applicability of the elaborated revision, of form to reach the presented objective previously already.

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