Lighting occupies a leading role in the decor. Good balance between the type and the amount of light received by a space allows you to change the way in which this is perceived, enhance decorative effects and also enhance the value of furniture and objects. With good planning, choice of materials (artifacts and lamps) and distribution, you can change the appearance and atmosphere of a room. On the contrary, improper use of illumination can spoil a decorative idea. The basis of the lighting is light. Nature gives us a spotlight that is usable: the Sun, but this light is not enough, since our social life was also developed during hours in which, by putting the Sun, there is no daylight, being then necessary to avail ourselves of systems of artificial light. During the reform or decoration of the different interior spaces, it is necessary to plan in detail for both natural and artificial light sources. Artificial lighting will be a key player in tune with the space and objects, but during the day should take advantage to the maximum, and with the largest number of possible remedies, natural light sources that we have. If you want to know more information about carpet enter in original author and source of the article

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