Many children, regardless of age, the soul is not chayat in domestic animals (big and small). Beautiful, sweet, cute cats and playful puppies – here are the most loyal friends. But do not Have you ever thought even once about why we are drawn to various pet? I was interested, so there are useful cats and dogs for the kids, and I saw on the forums for parents enough information, and delved into everything from and to. The most interesting aspect seemed that, like four-legged friends affect the health, wellbeing and mobility of kids. Specialists in this field believe that the games insecure or, conversely, hyperactive children with cats a beneficial effect on development of the psyche.

Adoption of this fact certainly surprised me, according to experts, the kid who is always in motion, say, like to communicate with a cat who loves affection and does not show respect to him no aggression. Of course, do not offer the timid child scratch cats bopteylov type, but with a cat farmed breeds ragdoll child can play for hours the animal did not touch you. Everything else, with a cat child is not afraid to sleep alone. At the same time, due to this interaction, your child develops a psychological point of view – in a month and a half, he will feel love for your pet, to learn to be friends with him and take care of it. If your baby is restless, bring the house cute Yorkshire terrier or rat. This is a nice, gentle animals, the child will remove tension, patting them on the fur, and realize that your pet likes to communicate with him. In Internet a lot of stuff on this method of rehabilitation of children, like horseback riding.

It is known that when riding on horseback in the child develops motor skills, he learns to balance. Kid learn to trust the animal, talk to them during school hours, in connection with the growing self-confidence, and the child feels just great. Concentrated attention and the level of susceptibility to any matters which he is engaged. Suppose you agree that pets – is good, especially for preschoolers, but refuses to take them because of possible allergies. On this occasion I want to tell you something interesting – the doctors from the Institute of Immunology, France not so long ago figured out that the risk occurrence of allergic reactions in children is almost zero if you have a cat and a dog at a time. The experiments, which involved about 500 children over 7 years, it became clear that almost all children who have a flat There are 2 or more animals are more resistant to allergies.

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