Immune Hepatitis

Dedoenas of this nature has great diversity, being the most known the Artrite Reumatide, the Espondilite Anquilosante, the Illness De Crohn, the Syndrome De Reiter, the Auto-Immune Hepatitis, the Multiple Sclerosis, the Lpus, the Psorase and the Vitiligo. Healthful Numindivduo, the organism, whenever it is come across elementopotencialmente with a strange one to its cellular structure, produces citocinas, that soelementos extra-cellular capable to identify the potential threat, denominadaantgeno, and to enlist the leukocytes necessary to the production of antibodies especficospara to eliminate it. This perfect harmony in the fundamental imunolgico functioning for the preservation of the species. The auto-immune illnesses have etiologiaainda sufficiently controversa. It is consensus that stops its appearance is necessrioque has genetic predisposition, but this occurs with innumerable illnesses endgenase not necessarily the individual that brings the gene of definitive pathology to irdesenvolver it. What it is in question is what we call ' ' gatilho' ' , that is, external ofator that deflagra the illness.

As we mention, he exists comprovaocientfica of that the psiquismo intervenes with the imunitria reply of the individual, but must yourself be had special care to if to establish this bond, a time the patients quenem all who bring history of psychic suffering desenvolvemas same patologias. In the specific case of the doenasauto-immune ones, the experience has shown that they are recurrent in deindivduos groups with profiles very seemed. The intersection between dessespacientes histories takes to identify us to it the look that they have on itself proper, saw deregra restored in the infancy and with expressive comseus influence of the enlaamento parents. As well as the Imunolgico System to buscaidentificar and to fight antigens non-self, distinguishing them from what he is self, ours psique makes the same, trying to discern what in them he is proper of what is not. The clinic has shown that children created under terror climate have extremadificuldade of if firming in the citizen condition, that is, is bastantepropensos to have identity deficit.

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