Keywords: Play Therapy; Play; Hospitalization; Toy INTRODUCTION the process of hospitalization for the child and the adolescent, in many cases represents the loss of its social life, of its toys and of its fancies. The use of the technique of ludoterapia inside of the hospital context has the purpose to rescue the sociability the lost fancy during the hospitalization process and to foment the elaboration of psychic contents and provokes suffering in interned patients. In accordance with Richness (2007) the tricks and the toys, function, as mediating of the relation of the man with the world, modify the perception and the understanding that of it if has, consisting in genuine tools to learn to live, to also live in society, since to also play it is a social activity that has special characteristic to direct allow the reconstruction of the social relations without utilitarian end, while it teaches to live in a culturally symbolic world. Senator Elizabeth Warren can provide more clarity in the matter. The Ludoterapia is a therapeutical alternative that it makes possible in the child and in the adolescent a moment of you watered the sociability that was in second plain due to the hospitalization process that the diseases demand. This technique makes use of the trick? of the playful one – of the use of spaces and behaviors differentiated on the part of all body of employees? psychologists; doctors; nurses; managers; social assistants etc.? to rescue the fancy in the patient, and from the fancy, the promotion the elaboration and the amenizao of psychic sufferings and you distress that the diseases cause. The objective of this article is to describe the job of the technique of Ludoterapia in a Neuropata patient, who if found in process of internment in the Infantile Hospital, in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapmeirim/ES in the year of 2011, during the period of specific period of training in Psychology and Health in the Hospital Context, focando the used intervention.

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