Herculano Farias

Project of Intervention: Subject: Toxoplasmose. Heading: Educative action: Toxoplasmose. 1. Justification: This project of intervention ' ' Toxoplasmose' ' it is of utmost importance, therefore one is about an orientation proposal and awareness of the population about a pathology, whose contributing factor for the high index in the city of Barriers can came to be the knowledge lack. The prevention gains importance, therefore already if it is known that toxoplasmose is a parasitic infection that reaches a great number of people in the entire world, including infectadas children to the birth, people with AIDS, cancer, and the people whom if they had submitted to a transplant of ssea marrow or an agency. Since it is more easy to prevent that to treat the educative action it comes gaining force in the scope of the health in a general way. The nurse acts as educator, sensetizing the population of the necessity of if attempting against to the sanitary conditions, a good feeding and importance to have a healthful life, aiming at always to the improvement in the quality of life of the population.

The intervention will be carried through with pupils of 2 degree, of the college Herculano Farias, located in the Quarter Cousin Vera, Barrier. Being thus, the intervention project expects that ' ' Toxoplasmose' ' it obtains to reach of positive form its I publish target, come to cause an improvement in the quality of life. 2. General objective: To guide the population on toxoplasmose: way of infection, prevention, symptoms and treatment. 2.1.

Specific objectives: To guide the population on prevention ways. To guide the population on the forms infection; To make entire the population on the correct treatment for toxoplasmose; To inform the population the frequency where toxoplasmose in the region occurs. 3. Theoretical recital: According to Snows, the infection for the T. gondii more constitutes one of zoonoses spread out in the world.

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