Healthy Eating Without Giving Up Sweets

Long was thinking about making me vegetarian, since commenting me Vegetarian friends that his health has improved, they are not as prone to colds, headaches and other. Others told me that they did so by humanity is indiscriminately killing animals without control, and that was his way of protest. The truth is that I am not going to question the decision of each each reason may be equally valid, but good. The case is that had long being vegetarian and thought go one step further and make me vegan. Give up things like milk, bread seemed a great effort and more even if you start with an advanced age, but there was no turning back so I started with that. When had already the problems started time being vegan family often gather to celebrate birthdays and as no, meals are the strong point of these meetings; pork, omelet, chicken .There\’s sweets and vegetables meat theme had it exceeded, as well as the omelette and other meals but damn .the sweet bad it feels when one everyone to her around to eat something that you love and hear them say Mmm good, looks stuffed with chocolate and things.

like The case is that I started looking online on candy for vegans and anything that clear, vegans do not consume milk, flour, eggs .and the desserts according to my knowledge have this mostly. A day talking with a friend told me that the she had bought an ebook about this, and left me with the website in question. The creator is a woman that I had the same problem, and typical desserts perfectly adapted to kitchen 100% vegan. I bought the ebook because I had spent more money in physical books that I do not contribute anything, and by 19 was not going to happen, but if it happened. It happened that the book was a marvel, he had not seen anything so in many years: full color photos, very detailed instructions, accurate data let a luxury. But of course, he had to prove what was written.

As a good pastry, my mother did not hesitate in make several recipes with my help when translating the way of preparation. Often laughed by did not understand how to make recipes with the absence of certain ingredients, logical thing. But when we tested what turned out, we were speechless. Really exquisite, not be whether by the hand of experience, my mother or that the author of the book 100% nailed the truth is that my mother remarked that he had only done what I was telling you, in no time contributed nothing itself that I could see, in fact I talked about how I bought it and she commissioned me to ask for a copy in book version. In summary, a solution to a problem that more than one person should torment as I happened to me, I leave the source here. (Link protected with McAfee).

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