Healthy Diet

Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny informed most diets cause a remarkable weight loss, which however does not remain permanent pretty quickly. In addition to the dreaded Yo-Yo effect, the unbalanced diet diet causes too often health problems. As the healthy & active at the same time produces a wunschgemasses body weight metabolism program and optimize the human metabolism, Sven Sbrezesny of the natural healing Center practitioner describes Stade. A rapidly increasing number of diets, testifies to the interest of the German population, to reduce their body weight. The average weight increasing but all promise fast and permanent weight loss despite, rather than be reduced to.

The major cause of the ineffectiveness of diets is an inadequate consideration of human metabolism. Fast weight loss with the withholding of vital nutrients and vital substances is usually bought. The body weight is reduced, at the same time a malnutrition arises, however. If this is the desired Weight reaches, originates in the people the urgent need to remedy the defect by an excessive intake of food is taken into account the. In consequence, it comes to the dreaded Yo-Yo effect: increases body weight until the origin value addition. Obesity is only then permanently overcome, if its causes are analysed and eliminated in a healthy way. The unwanted body weight on malnutrition is due, only a sustainable nutrition can help. This practitioner Sven Sbrezesny recommends that metabolism program healthy & active.

\”In contrast to conventional diet philosophies, on fat-free carbohydrates\”, put, seeking that metabolism program healthy & active a balanced nutrient intake which meets the needs of metabolism. The human body requires a variety of different nutrients. Apart from minerals and vitamins to fatty acids. Refrain from the body diets, these essential nutrients to feed, it may cause the outbreak of various diseases of civilization. This healthy & active metabolism program has therefore a different approach for establishing a healthy body weight. An individual metabolic analysis which takes account of latest research results about the interaction between metabolic, hormonal and nutritional, determine food are ideally suited for the individual patient. Their combination, an expert creates a detailed diet plan that ensures the optimal nutrient supply of the body and regulates the metabolism. In the course of time, a healthy body weight resulting in the removal of dietary imbalances as saying. Medically based diet system that is applied as healthy & active programme exclusively by specially trained physicians and health practitioners. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny accompanies his patients as certified healthy & active-Therapeut in the creation of your individual nutrition plan and guests at any time with help and advice to the page.

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