GMW Staff Support Sick Children

1,500 Euros to the Foundation of the children Centre in Maulbronn and the Association \’ Strahlemannchen \’ donated 750 EUR support sick children employees of medium-sized personnel service provider in its two oldest plants in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. The a donation went to the Organization Strahlemannchen\”, the cancer children heart\’s desires fulfilled. For us it is important that we accept responsibility as a regional company in southwest Germany and are socially active\”, Nicole Munk, Managing Director of GMW, the employee donation supports. I am therefore particularly, that the colleagues have selected two great projects.\” \”The second donation was personally delivered: during a visit to the children\’s Center Maulbronn GMW staff have a cheque to the two Board members of the Forderverein Christophorushilfe\” of the children\’s Center passed Maulbronn, Sabine Leibbrandt and Karl Craiss, and opportunity to become locally had a picture of the valuable work make. The children\’s Center Maulbronn is a social Pediatric Center with outpatient and inpatient areas treated and examined children with different illnesses and developmental disabilities. Experts in the various medical fields work here hand in hand physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social pedagogues, etc., to the best possible care to the children to come.

It was great to see how incredibly positive mood in the children\’s Center is at the staff, children and their parents and how personally take care all around each other,\”describes the Pforzheim GMW employees Laila Giesz their impression. Lives in Maulbronn, and acquainted with the children\’s Center of the open day\”and of earlier times, when her father in the same building in the former Hospital has been working as a doctor. \”The donation especially pleased the Foundation: for our upcoming new building we can use every euro\”, the Chairman thanked the Christophorushilfe, Karl Craiss. To make the proper treatment come to approximately 4,500 small patients is an extension building in planning, with the stationary area can be equipped according to modern requirements and which brings more space for treatment rooms. After our visit to the children\’s Center, we have a good feeling\”, so GMW staffer Laila Giesz, that our donation is used here really makes sense.\” About GMW personnel services: GMW Personaldienstleistungen GmbH is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. The GMW conveys, leaving employees in the field of commercial, technical, commercial and medical.

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