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The Fitness Studio in Dusseldorf with centre of excellence character, nutrition and therapy abolishes fixed contract duration and highest customer-friendliness in the gym in the new tariff concept of Vitalis offers a flexible tariff system there is no fixed duration and rates more. The customers pay just yet, which they also use. You can change the tariff, they would like, and you can put together your individual fitness and health package. Regular exercising contributes significantly to stable health. Movement and exercise is safest in the gym, especially for (re) beginners. But the price is the decisive criterion for more and more people.

The cost of living rise, everything is more expensive. So they consider it rather a second time before they start with measures that are useful their health but tear a hole in the already small purse. Who not to the discounters, but in a health-oriented, sophisticated Fitness Studio with highly qualified Trainers and therapists go, had to attack previously in Dusseldorf relatively deep in the Pocket. Last but not least because Dusseldorf is one of the most expensive cities of in Germany. The Vitalis has completely revised its tariff concept to the beginning of the year and first abolished the fixed terms. Unlike other gyms you can choose now every month new. You must no longer pay additional options such as cycling classes and sauna for several months, although they are only occasionally used. Maximum flexibility and customer-friendliness were the goals of the revision of the collective concept.

Now, pay a low base contribution (4.99) per week and book additional services added individually, depending on mood. That way, people with a lesser budget can use the high-quality offerings of the Vitalis of health centre. Especially for pupils, students and trainees the new concept brought a great advantage: you get 10% discount. And also couples who decide, the offers of the Vitalis together to use, may be happy about the price reduction of 10%. It\’s worth just stay healthy. A stable health and physical abilities are not a question of money, but the motivation. The care concept in the Vitalis health centre was not changed. Still, highly qualified instructors and physiotherapists are members with help and advice. They help to overcome the inner pig dog and create success through the training documentation. For more information about the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf there are also through that Vitalis health centre Vitalis thats health centre in Dusseldorf not only a fitness studio and a health centre for movement with affiliated centers of excellence for figure, nutrition and therapy. In the foreground, but supervised health training for young and old are not lifestyle or discount. The certified programs in the prevention and rehabilitation sports are recognized by all statutory health insurance. As a result, you will Costs for courses within the framework of the law. Friendliness, helpfulness, warmth and family atmosphere are relevant services, with which the Vitalis wants to be measured.

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