Genghis Khan

Animal proteins are complete and contain all essential amino acids, unlike the proteins of plant origin. Therefore, for men are very important to eat meat and how it is natural, the less fat the better. This fact is well illustrated by the history of civilizations. The greatest empire created by the people to eat meat. The most impressive was an empire Genghis 's warriors who ate only meat.

His warriors were distinguished courage and fearlessness. Conversely, a civilization to lean on vegetable food all the time fighting for liberation, such as India. With fish and Seafood is more complicated. On the one hand seafood contain zinc and other substances, a positive influence on men's health. On the other hand, not all seafood and meat is far wcc fish contain complete proteins. With Yet it is precisely some of the seafood as a stimulator of testosterone out of competition. Such as meat of some species of sharks (for those who live in Australia).

Scientific fact – terrestrial beings, have the highest testosterone levels a male roundnose sharks. Disorders advocates vegetarianism other scientific evidence. For vegans one of the main sources of protein are legumes. However, it legumes contain phytoestrogens, ie Connection resemble female genitalia. They are especially numerous in soybeans. Therefore, bodybuilders, I would not recommend the use of soy protein, to sense from it will not. And why should not men balk at the sausage, and other semi-finished products of which are now added to soy without measure. In general, the diet should be balanced and contain enough high-grade protein, vitamins and trace elements.

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