Frederick Herzberg

Examples: They mention the physical, psychological security to it, of the company, the family, the health, the property, etc. social Necessities are when the individual values the fact to belong to a social group, that has desires, longs for an interpersonal relationship, a marriage, desires to try bows of affection and friendship. Examples: privacy, family, sexual privacy, etc. Auto-esteem, only satisfied these necessities are that it will present the desire of auto-esteem, that is, will try the necessity of being recognized. Examples: to have social prestige, confidence, conquest, accomplishment, success before excessively and the certain degree of autonomy and independence. Auto-accomplishment, that if characterizes for its proper accomplishment until the reach of its potential as human being.

Examples: absence of the preconception, acceptance of the facts, solution of problems, espontaneidade, creativity, etc. 3,2 the MOTIVATION ACCORDING TO HEZBERG Frederick Herzberg, psychologist, consultant and American university professor, affirm that the human behavior in the work is questioned by two groups of factors: Hygienical and the Motivacionais. 3.2.1 Hygienical factors Are extrinsic, which involve the employee and that they run away from its control. We can cite as examples: wages and benefits, type of command, organizacionais politics and lines of direction. When the hygienical factors are aspects of the work and that they cannot hinder the satisfaction, they act in preventive way; they do not motivate nor they are on directly to the work, but they provide the attendance of the basic necessities. When they are excellent, they prevent only the insatisfao and not increase of the satisfaction, if raising, but not being continued. On the other hand, when the hygienical factors are pssimos, they provoke the insatisfao of the individual. Therefore, they are characterized as Insatisfacientes Factors. In the line of reasoning of Herzberg, basses wages and inadequate physical conditions they do not leave to motivate, even so create a insatisfao situation.

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