Flora in the New World

Wild flora in the New World has more pronounced Mediterranean character. Tour to New Light, the state reserve of Ukraine, is considered one of the best in the Crimea. Most grove of juniper tree down to the shore of the bay Svet. There is growing pine relict of the Tertiary period, Sudak pine or Stankevich, which has been preserved even in the Crimea from Cape Aiya. At the beach grow: Chaste tree, kevovoe tree, keep your tree, sumac, juniper, red.

Resting in the New World and its surroundings, you will see There are many monuments VI-XIV centuries (the remains of kilns, the ruins of the walls of the Christian church, a monastery in the mountains, the cave monastery at Mount Falcon). CURRENT "New World" today – this is an excellent health resort for the whole family! In the shade of trees on the hillside to place a small cottages for each family – separate. Houses as landscaped. Picturesque paths, neatly lined with white stone Crimean plates, decorative plants, retaining walls attached to the extraordinary beauty of the pension, pleasing to the eye. It all has to rest: a comfortable lounge, bright, spacious dining room, gazebo and much, much, etc. From the New World, the beach can be a walk in two these bays, separated by a narrow winding Cape Kapchik, reminiscent of an antediluvian beast.

Walking along the trail to the fishing lodge, standing on the shore, along the Cape Khoba-Kai, and then on a rock, you find yourself at a huge vsore grotto formed due to landslides and erosion. Here is the source of good drinking water. More difficult, but very scenic trail vetsya high above the sea among the rocks and takes over the Blue (predatory) bays at narrow ridge. On the ridge the delightful Blue Bay, alluring for its crystal clear, transparent blue waters. Going down the ruined stone steps, you will come to a "through the grotto," and he cuts back and outputs to the bay, you just passed. From the top of Cape Sentry-both seen the entire coast to Alushta and Ayu-Dag. Vacationers can take a pension fascinating excursions to the famous gorge "Paradise" and "Hell." An interesting walk on the "Royal Beach" and by the Grotto Chaliapin, and to test skill and endurance – climbing Mount Falcon. Great mistress Nature does everything that you had a good rest in the New World! We wish you a pleasant stay! Sincerely, Tour operator "Profkurort"

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