First Aid Support

Period of clinical death, ie time during which you can still save the victim to help him and call a doctor, is not more than 5 minutes after electrical accident. Therefore, those providing assistance should be able to quickly assess the situation and act clearly and promptly, which should have practical skills in the liberation of the victim of an electric current. This requires an excellent knowledge of how affected by the release of electric current and provide first aid in various conditions in accordance with safety regulations. Before proceeding to assist the victim, it is necessary as soon as possible to remove stress from overhead, where the accident occurred. To make this threw power lines, shorting and grounding all three phases.

As used bare copper threw stranded wire. Steps for producing threw the following: sunk into the ground drill to a depth of 500-600 mm at a distance of 8-10 m from the support. Move away from overhead lines in a direction perpendicular to its axis so as to be on the opposite side of drill and produce on a wire draped with weights. Threw to produce a dielectric gloves and galoshes. Once tossed, make sure it runs properly and shorts all three phases. If there blowing one or two power lines, they should make another draped on the other hand support.

Below are considered the most typical ways of lowering the victim with support for various cases. The first case – the victim is hanging on the halyard monterskogo belt and fastened its claws for support, while lower voltage power lines up to 1 kV. If assistance is provided by two people or more, then a member of the team performs threw power lines. Convinced that threw executed correctly, another member of the team wears the claws and, having fixed tether belt rack for support, up to the victim, having a block filled with a rope, or rope. Lay the victim on the ground, free from monterskogo belt. Team member, located on the ground, immediately begin providing first aid to the victim, but to save them, located on the pedestal, climb down, cause a doctor and help provide first aid. If assistance is provided by one person, then by making draped, and make sure it runs properly, strengthen tether monterskogo belt rack for support, up to the victim, having by itself or rope, or block, filled with rope. To strengthen the block, filled with rope or rope hook for the next two insulators (the traverse support) over the head of the victim, having made one or two turns of rope around the hook. Tie the victim to free him from the umbilical cord monterskogo belt, and claws – from the support, and lower to the ground, hand over hand rope. Going down with the supports and begin providing first aid. Call a physician on a mobile phone or by unauthorized persons.

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