The expectant mother must still have a so-called screening (required ultrasonography) for detection of fetal malformations in up to 12 – 19 weeks. VK Argue that prevail in Europe, later marriage, people get married and give birth children when they are already 30 or even 40, and their children are full and healthy. This can be explained by the higher quality of medical care, or are there other reasons? PE According to the World Health Organization European Community Health in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, in Europe all the women are separated, usually into two main groups: women, initially "targeted" to motherhood (marriage and childbirth in 18 – 21 years), and careerists who have spent 5 years in education, then some more time for additional training and to establish a career, hence there are our 35-year-old primiparous and nulliparous. I have not focused our women in this sample, for the simple reason that in this case there is no independent, "spontaneous" pregnancy. Basically, it is induced by pregnancy, plus IVF. When a woman, because of their age and natural Health has an opportunity, without medical intervention, become pregnant, bear children and give birth, careerism should be reasonably sufficient.

At some level, careers, it makes sense to pause, so you do not spend much money earned at the cost of the fact to first get pregnant, then make and deliver a child. If a woman is successful in its activities, their career should not suffer. VK If the parents – "age" mother and father, an elderly, may affect this fact on the child's health? PE If people feel the energy, vitality, they do not need to put a no age restrictions.

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