Family Law And Alimony

Jurisdiction 2012 on the basis of the case-law of the Federal Supreme Court and courts of appeal representation of the keep right on the basis of the case-law from the year 2012. Of intercepted, reimbursement, foreign surcharges, Volljahrigenunterhalt, residential value, separate maintenance, child support and spousal support. Undeclared work if someone had income from moonlighting, so this revenue only for the past can be attached. This is the fact that illegal activities can be set at any time, without that one has to fear that this; still attributed to him OLG Brandenburg, FamRZ 2013,631). Credit: Iridology-2011. Severance pay severance pay have wage replacement function and be taken into account for the calculation. This does not apply if directly a new work can be started and is income from employment.

Otherwise, the income with the severance package will be upgraded; BGH, FamRZ 2012, 1048. With unemployment expected to be longer, the settlement over a larger period of time is stretched. Use of foreign professional soldiers have their Do not expect foreign usage charge in full to leave. To what extent this has to happen, is however the circumstances in individual cases to decide; BGH, FamRZ 2012, 1201. On a mission in Afghanistan were applied due to the severity of the bit 1/3; OLG Hamm, FamRZ 2010, 1085. reimbursement of workers obtained for occupationally induced travel reimbursement, have to count it as income.

To depose you are actually incurred expenses; OLG Brandenburg, FamRZ 2013, 1174 age limit according to rule the work limit is gainful employment not expected. This applies not self-employed and self-employed activities; BGH, FamRZ 2013,191. Therefore, a full-layer purchase obligation applies in the spousal support until reaching the age of retirement. It is a retirement check. Even to understand the change in a part-time job due to health reasons may be entitled; BGH, FamRZ 2012, 1483. If no Purchase obligation, is an activity of obligatory and the income is not to be considered.

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