Emission Tomography

For this excuse for not writing, but I did not want to, besides which I last checked it with my psychologist told me that I change the \”I\” with \”I\” do not want this blog to become an obligation for me, so I only write when I want to do and when do I really born. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Yes, unfortunately I feel very bad, just go out and it comes tantito infection, the flu has not gone completely despite antibiotics, and I spent several days with fever, afortunamamente no more than 38.5 , Dr. has not given more importance and believed to be due to lower my defenses and cold, but I\’m a little concerned, the truth always wrong and I feel extremely tired lately with bone and joint pain (mild), I can not help thinking that those ailments may be due to lymphoma this back, but good if the doctor has not given such importance, I think I should not give it. This week I went several times to the doctor on Monday as I would do my gammagrama with gallium scan, but it could not reach the gallium is a radiopharmaceutical that they put you through the vein, which captures the lymphoma cells, so I had to wait in the room until finally injected me obviously as I always found my veins and left a horrible bruise on my arm. But hey, it was the least, I was called for next Thursday for the study, there I go to my hospital so I put my erythropoietin and to search for the doctor and give me something I could take my flu, I said it was not possible to get the iron until I remove the infection, so I change the antibiotic, then take to schedule an appointment for me to do the next step because Doppler ultrasound over one month of the last, so we had to do as follows injury I have in the liver, make an appointment as urgent, I got it for the next day, that is for Tuesday, because no way would have to return again … On Tuesday I went for my appointment on time for the Doppler and while the doctor told me to hold her breath and then let go …popped into my head a thousand thoughts, and that such an injury if it grew, it would be good if suddenly disappeared as if it had never been there, like what if he\’s gone the other way, when I finish, I find the face doctor to tell me something and I had to ask, only I dared to ask a question by his indifference \”Doctor Does she still looks much the injury and only responded sharply: \”If, without another word. >, offer their opinions as well. Only I was more worried, not because it really scared me, anguish, anxiety …. I\’m very angry that doctors behave so as if nothing will happen or as if you were something …we are people and annoys me a lot that we do not treat them as such is a terrible anguish when to expect results and most have had cancer should give you a preview of what is happening, difficult as it is, so you get the idea that this happening, I am of the view that doctors should discuss with you the truth and not beat about the bush, but hey, let alone … On Thursday I went to my appointment to the gammagrama with gallium scan, take my previous studies including the latest Pet – CT (Positron Emission Tomography), and my last two liver ultrasound so they could make points of comparison. The doctor who examined me was completely different from Tuesday, the doctor from the start began to ask me about my illness was obviously concerned, which makes you feel good, makes you feel human.

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