Emergency Department

From certain Governments abound continued efforts to dismantle public health systems. The neo-liberal totalitarianism warning uncovers its willingness to privatize them. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, has planned a reform of the hospital system, which consist of trimming benefits and services. And in Spain, in the regions governed by the Popular Party, there have been more ferocious attacks on public health with malice aforethought. The tactic is simple: discredit the public system health (by their obvious failures today), although the primary responsibility for the deterioration are the same neoliberal imposed forms of business management, who seek to save the main objective and cut services and media. Result: decrease in the quality of health care. The urgencies of eight new hospitals in the Madrid region are in critical condition, denounces the Coordinator against the privatization of the public health, and they provide the proof that missing pediatricians, gynecologists, and orthopedic surgeons. Such specialists will not be in the Emergency Department, but it is locatable by phone.

An irresponsible novelty. Any hospital lacks even traumatologists of emergency, which gives the bad faith of the managers of the Centre idea, because most emergencies are usually of Traumatology. Moreover, the obsession of the regional neo-liberal Government of the Popular party for increasing the role of the private sector in health care has increased considerably concerts with private centres. If in 2006 174 million euros in that chapter, were spent in 2008 already there are 274 million; money stolen from allocations to public hospitals. Thus kill two birds with one stone: they benefit private companies and undermine public health, which deteriorates because they do not have means adequate. And even more. In the region of Madrid, these eight hospitals cited privately financed have been built. Huge rise in construction and subsequent management. Hospitals have opened officially with a profusion of television cameras, but today are virtually without activity and lack of microbiologists, clinical, biochemical analysts, immunologists and geneticists.

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