Diet To Treat Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, a vine or liana vegans doctors with the tradition of their use as defined as the quintessential master plant. The combined with another plant ayahuasca, the chacruna, Psychotria viridiris up a drink or "chicha", as ayahuasqueros, which in turn, called ayahuasca. This drink acts as a physical debugger, for meditation, balances energies and awakens intuition. In the native dialect is known to the vine as "rope of death." What translated into Quechua, rope = = aya huasca and death, resulted in the name traditionally called "ayahuasca." The "mother of the rope" is the chacruna, a female spirit that shows you the vegan causes of diseases and the plants should be used for healing. The teachers are the plants in the Amazonian tradition ingested properly generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions about its healing properties and those of other plants, as well as for their entheogenic properties also serve to give us an insight about ourselves and about life in general.

Helping to interpret the facts or events that have influenced the process of our life. Important part of treatment of the soul and body with the ayahuasca, is diet. Depending on the level of purification to be achieved diets can range from the most permissive, which avoids the consumption of some foods that do not provide the plant became effective, to diets that include going to retreat to the jungle and eating of ayahuasquero the hand of a master plan as a snuff for an initial purge, austere diet, no salt or sugar, can only eat boiled green bananas, oats or rice. In the latter case the person who follows the diet is isolated from others except the healer, shaman or "ayahuasquero" as from here on we will refer to the man who deals with ayahuasca. During the diet is the isolation of personal relationships, no sense, because in the jungle nature is present, the birds singing, the crickets, the glow of fireflies at night, the vegetation, the sound of the river, the living world that is present in the Amazon.

The austere diet leads to meditation and through this meditation ayahuasqueros learning how to heal. Also, the patient's diet facilitates contact between it and the ayahuasquero. At these levels of meditation, ayahuasquero can hear sounds made by nature. These sounds are reproduced by the ayahuasquero in making ayahuasca sessions. These are called "Icarus", melodious songs that participants would take them to a state of absolute relaxation. The traditional use of diet has always been known to cure various physical ailments such as rheumatism, bronchial and respiratory disorders, bone trauma and infections. It has also been found in the empirical work of healers, the efficacy of this treatment for psychogenic diseases because it favors the recall of events or situations the past is not metabolized by the person. It spends no time or space concerns to introspection and resumed contact harmonious hip with nature is a plant teacher ayahuasca, so called for their healing, spiritual shamans who use the native communities of the Amazonian rainforest

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