Wuppertal dementia-WG has been awarded as an example because we live in an aging society, we have to deal increasingly with challenges and problems, associated with demographic change. One of these topics is dementia. Wuppertal dementia WG shows on practical manner, as you can offer an environment for old and diseased citizens and citizens, that so much quality of life and participation in the community can offer\”, says Dorothea Glauner, Member of the CDU Group Executive and Chairman of the UW of Senior Advisory Board. The project launched in 2006 offers a living area of 240 square meters space for eight seniors with dementia. As a result that the residents self-sufficient under the guidance itself and everyday things in the budget as far as possible themselves can do, they retain autonomy and human dignity. It is good that the Board of Trustees of seal of quality assisted living for the elderly in North Rhine-Westphalia \’ this project in its latest brochure has excellent\”, says Glauner. The GWG apartment managed by the Wuppertal Caritas, is among the three international and tenth nationally selected projects.

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