Daniel Young

In 1937, during the Leguia Government, started to commemorate October 5, as the day of the student of medicine or of the day of the medicine, they had spent 52 years after his death, some time later, on 7 October 1991, the Executive promulgated the law 25342 wherein is declared national hero, while some proposed declaring him a martyrcurrently the Civico-escolar Peruvian calendar celebrates this day as the day of the heroic action of Daniel A. Carrion who was DANIEL A. CARRION? Daniel was a young man born in Cerro de Pasco, son of an Ecuadorian politician, who was exiled in Peru, named Baltasar Carrion and Dona Dolores Garcia Navarro Lady Huancaina-, his father abandoned him and a few years later dies tragically, he grew up next to his mother, he studied in his native land next to Theodore and Mario Brothers -encouraged by Dona Dolores he traveled to Lima and he studied at the Colegio Guadalupe, upon completion of his secondary education, he ran to the University of San Marcos and joined medicine, being considered a student exemplary in their land and becoming the hope of the family prosperity that both sought his mother, at the University he was noted for his dedication to study, I wanted to be surgeon, dreamed his schoolmate Miguel Orihuela, traveling to Europe and specialize, he longed to exercise in Lima and Cerro de Pascoserving his people and give all kinds of comforts to his mother and younger siblings, IE was a young person like all young people, full of energy, goals and dreams, was humanitarian, served in positions of distress – at that time, as now, Chile us fleecing, it was simple, he was always surrounded by humble people and his countrymen who helped when they sought him in Lima, he dreamed of having children, being University Professor and having his Office, solidarity until the heroism, as I was suffering! when fever would kill thousands and thousands of his countrymen and friends,(como Miguelito Orihuela), how much powerlessness and outrage should feel that he decided to make this experimentation in his own cuerpo-hoy would be a standard bearer of Bio-ethics, how much pain caused her death, his mother, siblings, family and countrymen wept so much, as the Chronicles of that time realize that was Carrion! a young Andean man of flesh and blood, very dear, supportive, helpful and very human, so he gave up his life for others. .

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