Must-have of summer: Tkees toe Sandals Tkees toe Sandals conquer the world of fashion. The simple and yet stylish flip flops at selected retailers are now available. Simply and conveniently, but also elegant and sexy with this concept has won the hearts of America\’s fashion-affine women Tkees and is well on its way to become the ultimate fashion item of the summer. \”Simple flip-flops, shine the classic flip flops in a new light can be: according to the motto of cosmetics for your feet\” the popular footwear easily allows the appropriate skin tones and types their wearers adapt and combine easily to almost any outfit. Perfect on the basic idea of the brand, also the individual series of the collection, unsurprisingly called shadows, glosses, liners, foundations and creams show up.

Matching to the beginning of the warm season, the attractive flip flops available now at select retailers are available.

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