Coaching And Health

The coach knows that you need not aspire to superhuman levels, but you should aspire to higher levels you usually accept from you and you might be desempenandote. The coach is NOT a fitness trainer, not a psychologist, not a counselor or a financial expert. It is a facilitator, an agent of change and also the \”devil\’s advocate\” of limiting beliefs and distorted perceptions that limit behavior.

Your task is similar to that of a midwife whose efforts help to give birth to unexpected skills. But it is not the mother. The coach is like a browser or as an opener filters. Necessary as a corkscrew for the big celebration. It helps you establish your real and set goals in terms of short, medium and long term lets in case you fear aclararte wasting time on fantasies. For his technical coach for converting the weaknesses of your personality into your strengths and the foundations of a singular learning.

The coach is monitoring aimed at ensuring that your skills are working for your benefit and not against you. The coach does not take into account past performance because it does not look to the past as a source or reference data, but notes this and focus into the future projections realistic and possible concrete through the specific strategies and explicitly agreed with the applicant. Everyone deserves to build a sense of self-confidence and high regard in real terms, the screening of shares and appreciation of their achievements. If insecurity, high blood pressure, confusional states, anxiety, crisis, temper tantrums, lack of control, impotence, focused and calm intolerance to changes Guide you toward your personal and professional growth to success, according to your own idea of success. Identify and respect your time Breaking down old habits and establish new and healthier image detect preserved update yourself and extracting accurate data from your personal history and your present circumstances improve interpersonal relationships. Whether you want to increase your profit, promote your work, whether you want to achieve higher levels of concentration, develop better relationships with people, feel the state of happiness, peace of mind, the general welfare. Whatever the objective sought in any area of your life, we can help positively to direct your mind to these great outcomes sought. Whether you think you can not become the main promoter of your positive changes, as if you think that if you do, you\’re right, but just in case you have doubts, come to this technique to train your mind because the mind is like a parachute …. served only when opened.

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