Clinical Operative Maxillofacial Surgery

Students should pay attention to the fact that open bite sharply reduces the chewing function and is the result of jaw deformities in rickets, fractures of the jaw, which fused, surgery for ankylosis, etc. Frequently expressed forms of open bite can be avoided by settling occlusal relationship alive by grinding the surfaces of interlocking molars, we can eliminate the last molars (usually the upper). After the examination of case patients, carried out their clinical examination, and performed the necessary manipulations (removal of teeth to rehabilitation oral cavity, jaw measurements on models and patients determine abnormalities in the bite, etc.). Classification of degrees of anteroclusion VA And Bogatskomu degree – the reverse crossing anterior teeth with and without open bite up to 2 mm Grade II – sagittal slit – 1 cm Grade III – a gap greater than 1 cm in anteroclusion 1 degree recommended kompaktosteotomiyu (by Katz), 10 days before the surgery removed the first molar and the walls of the wells. Under the jaw access burs, cutters in the area of removed teeth removed external and internal cortical bone of jaws and the lower edge of the jaws to a depth of 3-6 mm. Then create a flexible traction on the mental division of the mandible with Claw tires Tigershtedta and rubber rings, imposed in an oblique direction towards the lower jaw back in front by 30-40 days.

Operation in the area of the body is carried out necessarily with resection of bone (Engl, 1987, AE Rauer) – bilateral osteotomy without crossing the neurovascular bundle; VA Bogatsky – the intersection of the neurovascular bundle. Operation on the branch of the mandible: By OO Limberg – horizontal osteotomy with external mouthparts approach near the mandibular angle. On VF Rudko – transverse osteotomy of the internally mouthparts approach and longitudinal wedge resection with bone extraoral infections. After that the fixation and fixation of the mandible with Claw machines. Operation Kostechki – osteotomy is performed with a wire nail file that been placed to a branch with a needle Kergera. Fixation is carried out only with tires Claw machines. Operation GI Semenchenko, PA Lozenko – planar osteotomy of the mandible (the formation of two plates of the mandible in the angle-type \’Castle\’).

Terminology: Rrogenia – violation of the relationship of jaws, when the lower jaw is advanced in the frontal plane. Rrognatia – violation of the relationship of jaws, when the upper jaw launched in the frontal plane. Open bite – a violation of bite when teeth do not close in the frontal plane. Masrognatia – excessive development of the mandible. Misrognatia – hypoplasia of the mandible. Misrognatia – hypoplasia of the maxilla. Masrogenia – excessive development of the upper jaw.

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