CAVEA Locator For Smartphones And Pocket PCs

GPS location tracking and mobile order management via CAVEA Locator on all smartphones from Windows Mobile 5 / leading telematics broker offers this innovative tracking system to the test at Hamburg/Goslar. CAVEA Locator is as simple as it is effective, and provides GPS location tracking and more for PDA, MDA, Google phone, and BlackBerry. The CAVEA Locator extends the applications of these devices in the business to an essential component. The disposition of the external service or other mobile services become much easier and far more effectively. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James A. Levine, M.D.. The CAVEA Locator combines intelligent and useful functions which specifically take into account the needs of the respective business unit.

With the offered free and noncommittal test, customers and interested parties can check now 14 days the statements of the manufacturer. The user uses an innovative, compact and stable telematics system with CAVEA Locator. He sets up his personal portal without annoying extra configuration or modules and already it goes. In the aftermath he has no annoying Upgrades, updates, and also no downtime for maintenance fear that useless cost the user time, nerves and money. Since the online system is built, this happens simply and silently in the background. Lots of useful information and analyses that help the company to organize their business operations more effectively and thereby significantly to operating costs are what the users of the CAVEA Locator can be expected. Locations of the external services are exact displayed on a digital map in the protected online portal. The data can be assembled as the course or track data and used for analysis or accounting purposes.

The stored data can be used about this automatic documentation of orders and rides. The CAVEA Locator streamlines processes in the company, brings together optimally orders, routes and times. He documented consistently every working day, so that the contractor shall also clearly to customers can be argued when it comes, provided Services can be assigned to be able to understand.

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