Cardia Surgery

The study it appeared of our experience while academics, acting in the postoperative one of cardiac surgery, where we perceive the anxiety and the fears presented for the customers in relation to the carried through surgery. By means of the research and reading of articles, we observe that the number of coronarianas illnesses that affect the women comes in recent years reaching high indices, causing then a bigger number of carried through cardiac surgeries, and sprouting of new studies, giving emphasis to the coronriopatias in the women. We objectify to identify the repercussions of the cardiac surgery in the woman. The exploratria research has qualitative character, where the customers interned in the Unit of postoperative had been objects of studies of an institution of the public net of great transport located in Rio De Janeiro in the period of 01/06/2004 to the 30/06/2004. For collection of data a script of interview with questions on age was used, representations on the heart, expectation with regard to the life after the surgery, the main concerns, and the meaning of the surgery for each one. We consider to be necessary that the professionals who take care of of a customer, who if submits the cardiac surgery, must have a good communication, understanding of personal and cultural values of each one so that from let us can there minimize the suffering from that in our hands they deposit its lives and expectations to return to its daily one. Uniternos: Woman; Cardiac surgery; Team of Nursing.

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