Building a network – Part 1

motortrader Last week I was asked to do a presentation to a malaisia group of job seekers. I chose \”building a universiti network\” because it is the foundation blocks for pahang our malasya adult life. What follows is the presentation ringgit notes kedah for senarai this occasion. kancil ……. malasiya Please stand up and introduce yourself to another pelancongan person in motor trader the room. Preferably someone you do not know. I realize that may be a little hard but go with it cuti cuti anyway. selangor Now say your name and where perniagaan it is you come from. The other people petaling jaya please do the perodua same. Here it is important to listen carefully Because later on you will need this information. kesan (Pause for jawatan kosong this to take place). Director of UBG berhad is on the Board of Directors as a Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director By the way that was NOT building a terengganu network. Nor is kepada introducing yourself to only people you think that may help you get what you want, be it a job or anything else. They will see right through you. Let me say again building a network is not smoozing, malasyia giving out kl map business cards kelantan at a cocktail party or chatting people usahawan up. Ok.Why build a network No body is managing your langkawi career. You are managing your own career. This means you need kuantan strategies To ensure you own well being. There are only 3 skills Although I prefer to call them rules to building your network. Each of them I will explain more shah alam fully later. Build volume indiscriminately klang Give Give Give Stay in touch Each of these points require you to be an ant. An ant malesia as in taman Aesops fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Where the ant worked away each day sarawak preparing for the malyasia winter, but the grasshopper just lazed around. But when winter came the grasshopper hit upon \”hard times\”.So the johor lesson kota kinabalu here is to build it now to use it later. melaka Part 2 will follow next blog will explain points and 1 to 3 in more jalan detail

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