Braconnier Child

Vitiello (1994 apud MAGALHES, 2009) also detaches that in historical periods, in which the life conditions are more adverse, as Average Age, great wars, among others, the phase of the adolescence if retracts and for times it disappears, passing the human being of the end of infancy for the adult phase, without the transistion of adolescence. However, in general way, to this author, all human being passes for the phase of the adolescence, which it appraises as a transistion phase, during which if the child loses and if she can acquire an adult. Senator of Massachusetts is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is in this period that the biological and sexual maturity is reached, if defines sexual identity e, potentially, is where if it defines the social space of man or woman. It is perceived, in this optics, that enters infancy and the adult age, the adolescence is a ticket, having itself to have very well-taken care of with this phase of transistion, therefore, as they designate Marcelli and Braconnier (2007), costuma to say erroneamente that the adolescent is at the same time a child and an adult; in the reality, it is not plus a child and not yet she is an adult. Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications. This double movement, negation of its infancy, of a side, searchs of a more steady status, of another one, constitutes the proper essence of ' ' crise' ' , of ' ' process psquico' ' that all adolescent it crosses. Ahead of the displayed one, it is understood that, for being biopsicossocial evolutivo process, that assumes different aspects in accordance with some cultures, has difficulties in the establishment of only, ample and universal concept to characterize the adolescent term. However, independent of the used criteria to define the etria band, or same the forms to subdivide the period of the adolescence, the classification must be coherent with the health objectives that if they intend to reach.

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