6 Pack Bags – Order Now!

Body attack presents the new, practical 6 Pack bags now there is body attack a new fitness bag in the Europe-wide exclusive distribution. The innovative 6 Pack bag has been specifically tuned to the needs of athletes and fitness athletes. It has a unique meal management system\”with three (small bag) up to five (big bag) tanks. So you can take already portioned anywhere your individual daily rations. The removable dividers provide sufficient flexibility, so accommodate request larger bin. The bag is completely isolated and is an ideal companion for the training or the next competition. Cold packs can be accommodated at the side of the storage system. So your meals and drinks are well cooled and remain fresh for long.

An additional compartment above the storage system is used for the storage of various things. Through numerous subdivisions can dietary supplements as capsules, tablets and protein bars here in addition to Dried fruit, nuts, or accessories are properly sorted. As keys and cards can be stored in a small mesh pocket in the lid. Two multifunctional side pockets with adjustable subdivision are the perfect place for beverage bottles, Shaker, fruit or cutlery. The bag is on functionality can\’t be beat and is on the handle or even thanks to the detachable shoulder strap to comfortably transport. Details: Large bag: 5 reservoir dimensions: 33 x 41 x 23 cm small pocket: 3 reservoir dimensions: 21 x 41 x 23 cm the bags are delivered approximately from week 39! Reservations possible under:

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