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Less back pain thanks to regular exercise of yoga in the workplace? With the new online platform BusinessYoga Yoga comes up there, where people spend the most time: in the workplace. The goal is that people experience their work lives healthier and more joy. The exercises are maximum for five minutes so shorter than a coffee break and serve to develop a relaxed and efficient. In a month BusinessYoga will cost less than a yoga session in the Studio online\”, explains the yoga teacher and Economist Frank Wesnitzer. The exercise videos help to relax the neck and shoulders, to mobilize the spine to prevent headaches and calm to be able to cope with stress situations. Because just the sedentary activity is when more and more people to stress and back problems leads. \”, reports Frank Wesnitzer from his experience as a professional yoga teacher. Often lacking predictable time to sign up for a fixed rate. BusinessYoga online minimizes the Cost: Daily practice is healthier and more effective than only once a week to the sport. Five minutes are a manageable expense on the day! Maximum 5-minute videos appear different Yoga exercises with different training subjects such as eyes, back, shoulders and wrists. The exercises are designed so that they can be performed sitting at the desk. The simple explanations and illustrative representation make it easy too inexperienced to implement the exercises. With BusinessYoga online, it\’s easy to think by just logging the Outlook reminder can be activated on the daily lesson.

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