Yes Rubalcaba

That Yes, ensures that it gives the impression that the winds have revolved. To Rubalcaba, also, yes it might be candidate with its dome police processed for collaborating with ETA, as has questioned a journalist, who has answered in a very concise way. On the other hand, the candidate has also expressed his respect for economic issues showing willingness to seek solutions; and for the maintenance of the call of the Andalusian elections for March 2012. I\’ll make a campaign explaining my proposals, recognizing which seem to me well, and discussing which No, he said, adding that it intends to open discussions that are in society, which refers to proposals, such as fees to banks or the period of deficiency in mortgages, so fair how workable. James A. Levine, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. Build a different and better Spain, assures, its priority. Study a little more also on the economic front, Rubalcaba has warned the PP should study a bit more when it comes to claiming the Government postponement of negative settlements that communities have to pay to the State, which the Executive has rejected. Thereon, the candidate has pointed out that it is not true, as he points out Rajoy, that the postponement of these returns would not generate deficit or debt, because it affects both, and pointed out that the interest on the debt is paid with budgets. Source of the news: Rubalcaba: \”opens a new era in Spanish politics, the winds have turned\”.

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