Yanick Naidu

It concerns quality, whose benchmark we set very high. If we know that the model is well trained, we send them also with a good to a casting. Unfortunately, too few agencies in Germany do. Gunther triangle: what would the model agencies, or BBs next top model advise also the TV format of Germany? Yanick Naidu: You should have more on the models Enter! Some model agencies send their models if at all a catwalk training where she mostly classical walk learn. Then that\’s done again with the training. Models such as gaining weight, they are stopped by the agencies to make diet and to lose weight. The women or young girls are under pressure, and be left often themselves to eliminate the deficits. But I it as the duty of an agency to take care of such things, and the model would rather see a healthy fitness training to finance, but the other unhealthy way to pursue. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well.

A modeling agency to build up new talents, and more must include only photo shoots to expand the comp card. Gunther triangle: we come again to CatDance fitness. They offer this training not only for their own models, but also for all who are interested. For whatever reason? Yanick Naidu: Is CatDance fitness and hip hop to close us models as the type of agency that people or exclude them. Hip hop is one large community to which everyone has access.

We represent for example in addition to \”Models\” also people and plus size models. CatDance fitness aims to provide in addition to the physical aspect, also values such as discipline – respect and allegiance. Gunther triangle: at the end of our conversation I want to you have a question, do you think they hop can move hip a rethinking in the minds of the people models and their training program, regarding the skinny models? Yanick Naidu: I think the concept of our modeling agency hip hop models, offers a good approach to do so to be able to change something. Magazines such as the women\’s magazine Brigitte while pointing out a right way, and were drawing attention on an issue that is really explosive, but the interest on the part of the media held briefly. What is missing for years is something that demonstrates that different is something that is always there, the people, and can match wits with the already existing a real \”movement\”. Our models we call hip hop models, can international hotels on the Catwalk, and be posted for each campaign. Despite our specialization, we can catch up with classic model agencies! That is not the case with other modeling agencies that specialize often. If a model should come to me, that is malnourished and want to be included in the index, then I invite first you to Burger King. We train with CatDance fitness the weight that they did then too much, again at a healthy level down. So, the model agencies should do it! This rather loose interview with the Congo-born Managing Director, gives one a small glimmer of hope that this current project hip hop models one day a rethinking of fashion – model industry can cause. Until then bear we Klum Germany\’s next top model BBs continue to patiently Heidi, and are curious who they throw out next – what you believe a model or a juror?

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