World Osteoporosis Day

Healthy and fit in the age with calcium and vitamin talk many D of anti aging. But what do they mean? Generally targeted at the age prevent diseases a better life at an age, or are even younger? Probably of all something. Unfortunately, the age is not a request concert and health and fitness there is no free of charge. You gotta do something at an early stage to actually enjoy the age. In addition to the spiritual fitness, also the provision for the physical fitness should not be neglected. Aim is also, to prevent osteoporosis to the widespread disease of creeping and to halt. Sport and movement is a pillar of prevention.

Healthy diet and additional complementary measures, the other, increasingly important pillar. Why are complementary measures become so important? Researchers from around the world that certain micronutrients are not very well recorded with age or can simply no longer so good are produced by the body noticed time and again. So is proved that vitamin D, but also calcium, belong to these micro-nutrients. A reduced supply of vitamin D and calcium also is demonstrated in Germany in most people. Not only that! Who has enough of these micronutrients in the blood, which is also at greater risk to bone loss (osteoporosis), and even heart attacks. Common foods contain too little vitamin D unfortunately, fully to meet the daily needs. Also the internal production with the help of sunlight is not enough generally in the case of vitamin D.

Remains so only the targeted taking tablets with calcium and vitamin D. What could cause this? Well first of all, that the body is better supplied with these micro-nutrients. And that is quite a lot, because the latest studies have shown there: who is supplied with adequate vitamin D and calcium, has a lower risk to bone loss, heart attacks, various cancers, such as colon cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer and immunodeficiency and decreasing memory performance. The risk is so to die of a heart attack in people with poor vitamin D supply more than twice as high as for those with very good care.

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