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I would not want to delve into history, but only to tell the most important thing to know about the science of Ayurveda in cosmetics. So, to start yet little about the origin: The word 'Ayurveda' – the two Sanskrit (Ancient Indian language) word 'Ayur' – the life and 'Veda' – knowledge or science, combining them into one word Ayurveda, get the "science of life." Of course, that no knowledge can not arise from nowhere. According to legend, Ayurveda is the revelation of the saints Wise, who has absolute knowledge of the universe. God Brahma told the secrets of medicine to God Daksha, who in turn passed the knowledge divine twins Ashwin – a great healer, who later presented them to Indra. Indra gave his students the knowledge, including one of the seven Indian sages. Thus, Ayurveda – the most ancient system of medical knowledge and heritage of ancient India, with a history of more than 6000 years.

The heyday of Ayurveda, coincides with the flowering of Buddhism in India (from the 4th century. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. BC to 8th century AD), thanks to Buddhist monks, the knowledge of Ayurveda spread to China, Mongolia, Tibet, Korea and Sri Lanka. But, unfortunately for many centuries, Ayurveda has been subject to neglect and Many texts and papers have been lost. Most of the surviving records in Tibet … In this lesson of history, can be considered complete, go to urgent cases. What is so unique, a holdover from the ancient Hindus? In general, ayurveda science itself, is based on one main principle – it is harmony and integrity of man and nature, and the violation of this very harmony, and is the primary source of disease.

Nature is rich in various minerals and plant resources, and Ayurveda and centuries of experience, have identified the very same components that are also helping to restore harmony between man and nature. In this case, the important point is not simply the use of those various components separately, but share them in the right proportion, in which the action of herbal ingredients and minerals that many times increases. Also, the teachings of Ayurveda states that need to think about your body as one whole, for this reason, you can select one of the principles of Ayurveda, which reads: "The body can not apply what one could not eat." As you can see for yourself in the preparations, as well as cosmetic products manufactured by the principles of Ayurveda, there is room only natural ingredients. No wonder, since the twentieth century, the principles of Ayurveda, is widely used in the West, and is considered the most effective system of alternative medicine, which was recognized in 1985 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Good luck!

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