Wolfgang Kaiser

I was about to applaud the originality of its presence on the virtual stage when he confessed that despite success in the performance of the character he had created, there was a time in which the novel ended and had no how to keep it alive after the inevitable return of the last page of the book. Therefore decided to morir.Como the experienced author who was wielding the pen to give life, all in the intricacies of his death, so that he died in glory and grief. Glory for him, bad for others who truly believed him, especially for those who had chosen as target of rampant devotions that typically populate the virtual solitudes. It left widow, without his talent and art, the long crowd of her affections.They were months of mourning and condolences, during which attended with the fraught with soul of compassion to the suffering that his absence caused in beings that were dear to him, colleagues, friends and lovers. Pleasant surprise was that they desenterraban from the trunks of memory and hard disk, stories, tales, novels and poems that never had written, give continuity to its virtual existence and comfort from the abyss of the loss.Had care leave present a heiress, secondary character of opaque outlines to him joined by confusing family ties, aimed at preserving the cultural heritage and the influence on the destinies of the plot which did not already belong.However, as explained, the fragile fabric of the tangle without the support of his presence tended to transform a novel of character in a novel episode or spaces, clarified citing Wolfgang Kaiser due to the difficulty of lace in a hybrid genre with fuzzy outlines, aggravated by the absence of key stratum depicting its protagonist.Little by little the satisfaction of knowing essential to the correct perspective of semiotic Crystal was transformed into penalty itself, to read and feel so loved and so dead, until they could not tolerate the stabbing feeling that were missed in an atrocious manner.Resucito.en that point in the story must have shirred frown and arched eyebrows showing my resistance to accept as plausible sequence of events, because it He hastened to explain to me while she nervously lit a cigar in the cigarette butt which had just smoking it not been raised with the same character, but with a secondary character.

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