Which Floor Is Suitable For The Balcony ?

Balcony – not just a place where you can breathe fresh air or to store things not of first importance. The degree of contamination of the premises depends largely on hygiene of premises apartment. Dust and dirt falling from balconies are able to end the radiant purity of the home. One of the steps to improve hygiene in particular the balconies and apartments as a whole is an appropriate floor covering. Three ways to make the most balcony cleaner a simple way to facilitate cleaning floors – floors weatherproof paint colors. However, keep in mind that hardwood floors on balconies is seldom done, and the coating of cement paint a very short-lived. Dr. Peter M. Wayne can aid you in your search for knowledge. After 4-5 years it will have repaint. See endocrinologist for more details and insights.

Coverage of linoleum – more durable and practical option than paint. Its easier to clean, however, and slipping on it after the rain, too easy. Therefore, the most radical and effective option for creating cleanliness in the apartment balcony glazing and wall floor tiles. How to select ceramic tiles for the balcony? The main criterion when choosing ceramic tile for flooring – its durability. In documentation for this parameter denotes the index of pei and has 5 teams.

The higher the index, the more stable jets to mechanical stress. In areas where a lot of walking, you need tile groups of pei 4 or 5. On the balcony of the floor can be laid out and tiles of pei 3. For the balcony is best to choose durable granite, which will serve you for decades. In addition, the surface of floor tile is often rough, which is an important factor for safety at a place like a balcony. To minimize the chance slip, preferably tile was medium or small size. Characteristics such as water absorption and frost and should be given utmost attention. Even if you made a balcony glazing, temperature here will be more pronounced than in the inner rooms apartment. Yes, and humidity, especially after the rain, will be higher. The last factor influencing the choice of tiles for the balcony – her weight. The lower the load on the balcony, the better. Therefore, if possible, preference should be given more delicate tiles. And the last piece of advice – what to tile you choose, buy it with a small margin. Part of it goes to waste, some pieces should be left to be able to unforeseen repairs. Remember that a uniform coating is not only hygienic because ease of cleaning, it is also aesthetically pleasing because of beauty of design and texture correctly selected ceramic tiles.

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