Varieties Of Cement

The History of the Cement started producing in the last century. In the early 20-ies of the xix century. E. Deliev got kilns binder of a mixture of lime and clay, and published their findings in a book published in Moscow in 1825 In 1856 he was launched Russia's first plant of portland cement. Cement is one of the most important building materials. It is used for the manufacture of concrete, concrete and concrete products, mortars, ac products.

Produce it in large mechanized and automated factories. Cement – a collective name for the group of hydraulic binders, the main component of which are silicates and aluminates calcium formed during high temperature treatment of raw materials brought to the partial or complete melting. The group includes all types of cement portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement, slag Portland cement, aluminous cement, expanding cement, and some others. Each type of cement can develop during solidification of different strength, characterized by name. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. Brand cement regulated building codes (SNIP), and guests. Cements are mainly produced stamps 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 (in terms of test solutions in plastic).

With increasing grade cement its effectiveness in concrete parts increases due to reduction of specific consumption of the binder. Of the different types of cement most important is portland cement. Portland cement does not always satisfy certain special requirements that show to concretes and mortars at various conditions of use. Therefore, the industry produces several types of Portland cement: sulfate, with a moderate exothermic, fast curing, hydrophobic plasticized and some other cements.

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