UTI Patient

Patient positive factors? Verbal communication is that making through express words in such a way by means of the written language as spoken, and must be clear similar of that the other understands what we are wanting dizer5. Environment or physical structure becomes necessary changes in the physical environment of the UTI? s so that as much the professional, the patient and the family have well-being, change these very simple: rank of calendars, clocks and ample windows so that the patient and the team if point out in the time and espao6. Familiar negative factors? Lack of information the family frequently is felt abandoned and fearful to the side of the stream bed of a seriously ill patient. The pipes, dressings, wires and devices, are frightening for the members of the family. They see these equipment settled to its dear being and can relutar in touching the patient from fear to cause damage it or to equipamento7.

Lack of flexibility of the visit schedules despite one institucional politics exists that determines the routine of schedules for visit, is necessary to flexibilizar it to fortify the interpersonal relations. Lack of emotional support, is not enough to allow entrance of the family in the UTI, is necessary to prepare it and to follow it during the visit being identified and clarifying its doubts, observing the reactions and behaviors and, especially understanding its sentimentos8. Familiar positive factors? Inter-relationship between nurse-patient-family is so or more important that the assistance technique – scientific the patient ones only obtain to support long periods of internment for the given attention eles3. Humanizao of the professionals the daily and complex routine of a UTI makes with that the members of the nursing team, most of the time, forget to touch, to talk and to hear the human being that is its frente8. Having as estimated that the humanizao of the assistance will emerge with the personal and professional accomplishment of they make that it, to develop a process of humanizao with emphasis in the worker, demand, mainly on the part of the controllers, shelter, listening and an attitude of sensitivity, to understand the reality of work of enfermeiro5.

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