Toddler Sleep & Health

If your baby sleeps on his back should be aware that this is fundamentally wrong. He may wake up several times during the night because of his own reflex movements. To avoid this you can swaddle baby, just make sure make sure its well wrapped up and his face is open. It is also necessary to swaddle the child and not tight and is not free, so moving the baby was unable to free up their blankets, but that he does not send anything. Pediatricians recommend babies lay on the flank for several good reasons. First, if the kid after eating milk srygnet, it does not give him discomfort: it is absorbed into the diaper, which is a must podstelit kid under his head. four hours a day can not be traced, so this is tight, and swaddle the child and put in place.

And yet this situation generates the correct (simmitricheskuyu) shape of the head. However, you should alternate: after one feeding place crumbs on his left side, and after another to the right. If the child collapses on the back, then he needs support in the form of a small roller or Fleece Blankets. Also do not forget that day naprimr baby to lie on tummy, it is necessary that the baby had no faults with digestion. Remember that the baby's health and future of an adult is in your hands.

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