Thursday Centurio

We feel in the skin water and oil; we see, we touch, we degustamos bread and wine. But, we know that Jesus is in the sensible signals and in them communicates the life of Trino God, by means of the faith. Dr. John Mcdougall takes a slightly different approach. It withhold the look in the concrete signals of the wine, the bread, the water and the oil, without directing the attention and the intention of the faith for Jesus, is to commit idolatria of the eucaristia and excessively sacramentos. we will be as Tom, that conditioned its faith the vision of the marks of the Crucificado in the Revived. For this, the Roman centurio, not them disciples of Jesus, it is the paradigm of that believes.

One day the centurio was the Jesus to ask for to it to cure its servant sick. ' ' Jesus said to it: I will go to cure it. The centurio answered to it: ' ' Jesus, I am not worthy to receive you under my ceiling; yours is enough to a word and my servant will be is. Command welded; when I say to one: it goes, goes; to another one: it comes, comes. Hearing this Jesus he was admired and he said its disciples: I did not find in Israel somebody with so great faith. said to the centurio: It goes, as it parches, thus will be made.

E in that hour the servant was curado' ' (9). Here it is the essence of the faith. It only has a eucaristia (a baptism), carried through in the passion and cruenta death and in the resurrection of Jesus, a time for all, whose memorial It bequeathed in them when it the same instituted the sacrament of the eucaristia in day of the cross death, after the 18 hours of the Thursday, when, in the calendar Jew-Christian, starts the Friday, with order to repeat it in its Name of generation in generation.

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