The Kolner Stadt

The thing is the own expertise very difficult and too low. Instead of to discuss this only once publicly in the City Council and to do so whether you may establish new municipal utilities or if you designed the concession contracts, that for the citizens not only more money but also more environmentally friendly and free of nuclear power comes out, there a fundamental discussion has been a secret deal from the discussion. The issue became urgent decision in the non-public\”part of the City Council joined, and so it has prevented a public debate with the participation of citizens. But what should be decided behind closed of doors in the City Council? In the order of the day, it was called: \”Permit an urgent decision\”. For more information see endocrinologist. The Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger wrote on the 18.10.2011: behind the awarding of the contract to two reviewers. The city being a professional help for the assessment of the economic and the legal relationships. In a first phase, 100,000 are for Euros are provided – planned five phases.

All parties assume that 400,000-500,000 euros are issued at the end of the consultation.\” The session dealt with the award of the contracts at a law firm, a former CDU Kommunalpolitikers, involving also a Bundestag member from the CDU and a former CDU City Director and member of the CDU. More info: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. When this sum of 100,000-500,000, one should expect that to fetch a multiple offer and determines what has to give the advice. So it requires also the legally binding rules. But absent: there was only a single offer, others were not obtained, and content and exact issues was also not discussed. In the session of the City Council the questions that you want answered by the consultants, were neither discussed nor set. The City Council and the Councillors elected by citizens had no opportunity to discuss whether you want new public utilities or whether a Contract extension might be the better option.

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