The Investment

Choose a domain attractant (7).-offers free content and quality: don\’t just limit yourself to put your catalogue of products; offer them something useful and quality without having to pay for it. It could be an ebook, a mini course, etc. Online things don\’t work as in the offline business. People need to trust you, in your company. And there is where the free content of interest can help, and much, to achieve this objective. (8).-Testimonies: includes testimonials from clients that you have previously purchased product. But don\’t fall into the trap of putting false testimonies, because it is not only unethical, but, be discovered, you arruinaras your credibility. Calling former clients who have purchased your product, write an opinion about him, and ask permission to put it in your letter of sales, along with your name and personal data.

See that someone else has bought the product and has been satisfied may be an incentive for deciding to buy your product. (9)-Ten a policy of return of products powerful: is very effective to give your customers the guarantee that, but are happy with the product you purchased the amount you have paid will be returned to them. No buts or questions. The last thing they are interested in you, is to have dissatisfied customers. Although you lose some money in the long run, believe me, will be highly beneficial to your business. (10)-Offers discounts and promotions special in your products: A good idea is to offer on the purchase of a second product related to the first, a special discount. Also you could offer a voucher for your next purchase. That will make that many people prefer to buy from you next time that comes their opportunity to use that voucher discount.

(11)-Uses the tactic of promotion by time limited: occasionally throws some interesting offer, mainly a product of low price, type limited time only until the day 20% discount on this can help the undecided to decide and to reduce the number of people who leave for another time buy what you liked about your site. It\’s creating the sense of urgency. (12)-Invest in your training: constantly learn new marketing techniques and, above all, to put it up. It passes to the action. Remember, this is not an expense. Look at it as part of the investment in your business.

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